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When a gofer trains for a long enough period of time in the training roon, it becomes a soldier. After even more time, it tranforms into a knight. Currently in 0.4 only the soldier can be created but in Alpha 1.0 the knight will be present. These two units belong to the Soldier Unit class. At some point in the future, there may be a branched out or expanded method that allows for many different types of soldier unit but for now just those two.

Soldiers have 2 hit points and deal 1 hit points of damage to enemies that get in range of this attack. They have no real method of defense, emit a clashing metal sound when an attack is successful and a moan when they die. They hold priority over CrustyMobs (so they can kill them before the Crusty Mob attacks) but Slimy Mobs hit them at the same time you do. Ugly Mobs attack before the soldier does, followed by the soldiers attack.

Knights have 5 hit points and deal 2 hit points of damage to enemies that get in range of this attack. they have farther range then many other creatures and will eventually be much more interesting. for example, knights can't attack anyone with their back turned. These units hold priority above that of Crusty Mobs and slimy Mobs but strike at the same instant of Ugly Mobs.