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The main menu of Alpha 1.0 without button images.

Falling Fortress is the primary work of the Falling Gamers presently. It is a game designed by Sean Howard on and has been in development for some time now. It is being worked on a great deal by all of the Falling Gamers and is due to release in early to mid June for Alpha 1.0 testing. The game will be free and available for download on our wiki home page. It is a strategy style of game where you construct a fortress out of various blocks or rooms and use different types of rooms for different strategies of beating you opponent. There will be three modes: Player vs Player, where you can challenge a friend online, Player vs. Computer, where you challenge a computer generated enemy who builds his own fortress and challenges you on various levels of difficulty, and also Survival mode, where waves of wild creatures and monsters attack and you see how long you can survive. For Alpha 1.0 however, we will only be including a very short version of the game incorporation only 1 mode (Survival) and only the first 10 waves of enemies.

NOTE: All of the articles below are relevant to to what we released in our Alpha 0.4 model.

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